Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size units are available at Storage RSA?

    Our wide range of unit sizes caters for every storage need. Visit the Storage Calculator page to determine what size you need. Then check out our branches to see if your size is available in your area.

    What can I store?

    You can store anything with us except for the following:

    • anything that may constitute a fire hazard
    • any kinds of explosives
    • unstable chemicals
    • addictive substances
    • any items that may have an offensive odour
    • anything that may be a nuisance to other customers
    • anything that risks damaging the storage facility or increases the risks against which the building is ensured.

    If you’re unsure, just ask us about what it is you would like to store.

    How safe are your storage facilities?

    Not only have we selected good areas for our storage facilities, but we offer fantastic security at our premises. The security measures you can expect with us include:

    • 24-hour guard by professional and qualified security staff
    • facilities fully enclosed by palisade fencing or concrete walls
    • perimeter protection with electric fencing and infrared beams
    • access points and sensitive areas monitored by CCTV
    • electronic monitoring of storage unit or building access doors
    • armed response if necessary
    How can I access my unit?

    You are in full control of the access to your unit, which you lock with your own padlock and keep your own keys. Storage RSA does not safeguard your keys and therefore cannot access your unit. You can give your keys to people you trust and give their names to us – our site and access controllers will only allow access to people specified on your list.

    Does the contract include insurance?

    Inform the insurance provider who covers your household risk that your goods are moving and they will amend your policy accordingly. If your insurance company requests information regarding our security measures, we’ll gladly oblige.

    What term do I have to sign the contract for?

    Our contracts range from one month to an indefinite period. This is up to you.

    When can I access my storage unit?

    While normal access will be granted during business hours, we will never prevent you from accessing your unit. We allow 24-hour access to your self-storage unit, but terms and conditions apply.

    Do I have to rent on a calendar month basis?

    No. If you move in at the middle of the month, you’ll pay a pro rata cost and then on a monthly basis thereafter.

    Do I need to pay a deposit?

    No deposit is required.

    Do I have to move my own goods?

    Yes – moving is your responsibility, but we can refer you to a number of reliable removal companies who are familiar with our operation. Click here to find a removal contractor in your area. They will be able to give you a quote and may even impart some advice on storage unit size.

    Do you have special rates for long term customers?

    Yes – if you pay up front for 12 months or more, we’ll gladly give you a discount!

    How do I pay? Do I have to come in to pay for every month?

    For your convenience, we have credit card facilities available at our branches. However, we prefer electronic payment via the internet, and for customers who prefer traditional methods, we also accept cheques or branch deposits.

    Do you have special requirements regarding how and what I can store?

    Yes. In summary:

    • DO:

      • use self-supported shelves

    • DON’T:

      • make any alterations to the insides of our storage units
      • affix shelves inside your storage unit
      • store goods that are flammable, organic, dangerous, odorous, illegal, or drug-related
    What do you require in terms of a notice period if I want to move out?

    We’ll be sad to see you go, but we do need 14 days’ written notice if you plan to leave us.

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