• Children moving in with you?

    Children moving in with you? Let Storage RSA give you breathing space! Visit any Storage RSA facility to select a suitable size unit for all your household goods, sport equipment, motor vehicles, caravans, what ever you do not have space for at home. Just remember, no live stock or mother-in-laws! Why pay more for unused […]

  • How many boxes do I need to move?

    Have you ever wondered how many boxes you need when moving? Most people estimate that if they buy between 10 and 20 boxes, that it should be more than enough, only to return for a few more and a few days later, for a few more and so it goes on and on until they […]

  • Adding brightness to your home this winter

    With winter settling in around June/July, this is the time to lighten up your home. You may leave for work when it is still dark and return home when the sun has already set, but there’s no need to go home to darkness. These tips may help you brighten up your home: 1. Lighting replacing […]

  • Thinking inside the cupboard

    If you are planning to build a new home, have a look at these innovative ways to optimize space in your cupboards.  You might even be able to re-organise existing cupboards or design wall shelves.                              

  • Moving: hassles, headaches or smiles and fun

    You are moving and perhaps you are facing this: Yes,  we would all like to hide: But here are a few tips to help you before a move: Sharing If you have children, let them fill a box of clothes they have outgrown or toys that they have not played with for a long time. […]

  • Tips on how to organise your self storage unit when moving in.

    If you are a first time storage client, moving into your unit can give you grey hair, should you not be aware to carefully plan what to pack where and how to pack your unit. So the order of packing needs some planning. If you intend visiting your unit on a regular basis to access […]

  • Tips on packing a caravan

    For those of you planning to go on a caravan holiday during the festive season, we have a few tips to make the daunting task of what to pack, a bit easier. Packing can be strenuous on any family relationship, so careful planning can make all happy. “Less is more”, can’t be truer, so it […]

  • Creating a fun summer house

    The warm hot summer months have arrived. This is the time of the year when friends are invited for a braai and families get together for the festive season. Why not turn your home into a light, cool environment, preparing it for an inviting, warm ambiance. May these tips help to inspire you: Paint colour […]

  • Tips on moving abroad.

    Moving from one town/city to another is hard enough, let alone moving abroad. Take the headache out of this enormous task by planning carefully.  Determine what you will actually need and what you can give away, throw away or perhaps de-clutter your house by having a garage sale. If you already have accommodation abroad, find […]

  • Brand Ambassador for the second quarter

    One of the values driving success with employees at Storage RSA is to be a HIPER smart person: H – Humility I –  Integrity P – Professional E –  Extraordinary service R – Relationshipping – friendly and empathetic The second quarter’s Brand ambassador selection criteria focussed on the R in the HIPER smart person; Relationshipping.  […]