• Storing sports equipment.

    Storing sports equipment. Most of us love our sport and therefore we go to great lengths to buy the best sports equipment we can afford. The headache comes when one has to find a place to store the expensive items without getting damaged. Here are a few ideas how you can de-clutter your house and […]

  • Three ideas to create smart space in your house

    Do you have a student child who uses half the space in your house? Or have you bought your first house just to discover that you still need additional space? Here are a few ideas that will assist you in creating the optimum space in your house: Move seasonal and unneeded items out. Items that […]

  • Hand over the goods.

    Read our article in the SAPOA property review of Dec 2013 on page 44 here. review_dec13-jan14 The American reality-TV series Storage Wars might seem unbelievable, but there is no doubt that storage space is a colossal phenomenon in the US. And itis starting to gain ground in South Africa.Gone are the days of storing […]

  • Think out of the box.

      Think out of the box. Why we can love boxes – in 12 different ways: 1.  Store your Christmas decorations in a box you used when you moved and cover with gift wrap. 2.  Make toys from used boxes. Let the kids draw the faces. 3.  Make gift boxes or use as containers for […]

  • Suggestions for Newlyweds

    Suggestions for Newlyweds. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we dedicate this post to all couples getting married in the month of February. It can be a headache to decide who keeps what and who has to get rid of items that there is just no space for. You may not have realised that you […]

  • How to protect your goods while in storage.

    Just because it’s your first time storing doesn’t mean you have to store like a rookie. We have some handy tips to make you feel like a storage pro. Leave a small space between the wall of your unit and the storage items to allow for proper ventilation. Be careful when you use plastic covers […]

  • Meet the Brand Ambassador for Storage RSA

    One of the core values that Storage RSA portrays is customer relations. We value our customers and therefor from the very first introduction that a customer has upon arrival at any facility, he is greeted by a friendly access controller or facility manager.  What a pleasant way to get acquainted with the people that will […]

  • Tips on storing your valuables

    How to get the most out of your storage unit.   At Storage RSA we have various size storage units to cater for each storage need. This means that you do not have to pay for space that you don’t need. We also thought that you might appreciate the following tips on how to get […]

  • Business Day TV interview

    This week on Ask the Property Experts ,  Kuro Chihota, the property expert from Business Day tv, took a look at Self Storage, is it a trend of fad, or does it fall under the investible asset class?  He asked Izeldi Loots, Marketing and Assset Manager  from Storage RSA and Sarah Cremer, digital marketer from ClickMaven, to […]

  • A faithful access controller for 10 years.

    Kidwell Cele – a faithful access controller for 10 years. At a recent function, Storage RSA paid tribute to Kidwell Cele for the past 10 years that he has been an access controller at the Somerset Mall facility. Customers are always happy to be greeted in the friendly manner that Kidwell displays so beautifully.  He […]