• Hand over the goods.

    Read our article in the SAPOA property review of Dec 2013 on page 44 here. review_dec13-jan14 The American reality-TV series Storage Wars might seem unbelievable, but there is no doubt that storage space is a colossal phenomenon in the US. And itis starting to gain ground in South Africa.Gone are the days of storing […]

  • Suggestions for Newlyweds

    Suggestions for Newlyweds. With Valentine‚Äôs Day around the corner, we dedicate this post to all couples getting married in the month of February. It can be a headache to decide who keeps what and who has to get rid of items that there is just no space for. You may not have realised that you […]

  • Storage Tips

    GETTING STARTED WITH YOUR MOVE: Make arrangements for your move 30-45 days in advance or even longer at busy times of the year eg. December holidays. Ask your removal company what size truck they will be using for your move as this influences the removal fee. Some removal companies charge according to the volume and […]